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Venture Tours values safety above all...we treat you like family. Virginia Beach's largest charter bus service,  Venture Tours offers a very diverse fleet of motorcoaches with Wi-Fi (cellular service permitting), audio/video equipment, public address system, reclining seats, 110-outlets and clean restrooms.  With our diverse fleet of motorcoaches, you have many additional options...such as table seating, sleeper coaches, galley kitchens, and more!

55 passenger Motorcoach

Our standard 55-passenger coach features video monitors, 110-outlets, reclining seats, a clean restroom and Wi-Fi (cellular service permitting).

81 Passenger Double Decker

The Double Deckers seat up to 81 passengers and are equipped with seatbelts for your safety. Venture Tours is the first bus company in Virginia to own this model! They are equipped with Wi-Fi (cellular service permitting), 110-outlets, TVs, DVD, reclining seats and a clean restroom. (Please note the luggage space is approx. 230 Cubic Feet)

28 passenger luxury motorcoach

The 28 Passenger LX is equipped with leather seats and plenty of leg room for your comfort. Same size as the 55 Passenger. The coach includes Wi-Fi (cellular service permitting), 110-outlets, TVs, DVD, reclining seats and a clean restroom.

36 Passenger Luxury Motorcoach

The 36-passenger luxury coach is the same body-size as the 55-passenger coach.  However, it features wide, leather seating, creating more room to relax and ride. It is equipped with Wi-Fi (cellular service permitting), 110-outlets, TVs, DVD, reclining seats and a clean restroom. 

VIP Luxury Sleeper

The VIP Luxury Sleeper seats up to 26 passengers and sleeps up to 28 passengers. One of the more comfortable coaches we have available. It is equipped with full couches and seating booths that can fold into beds. Also a Flat Screen TV in the back and a smaller TV in the front. It also comes with a Home Theater Surround Sound System with a Sub Cabinet, Hi-Fi Stereo VCR, DVD and CD Player, ice chest, small refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, pantry storage, trash chute and a bathroom! Kick back and enjoy luxury at its finest!

VIP Luxury Double Decker Sleeper

The Double Decker Sleeper is the latest addition to our wide variety of motorcoaches! Seating up to 58 passengers and sleeping up to 43 passengers! It is also wheelchair accessible for your help and convenience. It's also equipped with a Hi-Fi Stereo dual DVD system, dual Satellite system, Table seating upstairs and downstairs, Refrigerator on both levels, microwave oven, pantry storage, and coffee makers, Wi-fi, 110 outlets for charging your devices, and USB Ports for your comfort! Enjoy the luxuries that you deserve with our VIP Double Decker!  (Please note the luggage space is smaller than the standard buses)



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